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      The biggest mechanic you’re currently missing here is wow classic gold caster minions operate in Private Servers vs Vanilla/Classic. On personal servers, they begin auto-attacking occasionally choosing auto attacking over casting and will cast 1 iteration of a spell. Individuals coming in because they had clinic from private servers expecting to breeze through raids are currently gon na be in for a rude awakening. Also, a reason why I will be playing. If Classic was the same as servers it wouldn’t be a challenge and I would get bored.

      In vanilla we had to kill other kind of mobs for randomly spawn those that we had for example killing warriors to spawn magi or shaman mobs etc and murdering an lvl 56 could respawn as 57 or 58, of course many were fixed per place in vanilla too but not.) Also quest mechanics on quests are distinct behavior and waypoints and avenues, for example most chicken escort quests have lil ambush mobs and distinct waypoints spawn location as well as lvl or their number were different also. Mob flee mechanics are somewhat different (direction and speed). Those notice.

      I will level leveling of my professions, slowly reading my quest text and doing a couple time for the loot. Here is what I adore about vanilla, so you can do whatever you need and still aspire to do more in case you discover the opportunity to do so. Fantastic luck in your adventures men!? You can enjoy it. That is exactly what killed modern WoW Classic for me so the hardcore players abandoned and they murdered WoW Classic because of gold in wow classic their hardcore playerbase, like me back then stop 44, but WoW Classic felt empty without them, therefore semi-hardcore.

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