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      Why does today’s NFL put a premium on corners with big frames and long arms?Pass-catchers like Stanford’s J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Womens Jonnu Smith Jersey , that’s why.A massive playmaker with the size and athleticism to…”WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Tennessee Titans Podcast2019 NFL draft: Introducing J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Stanford’s towering big-play machineNew,13commentsCDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL draft: Introducing J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Stanford’s towering big-play machineMatt Cashore-USA TODAY SportsWhy does today’s NFL put a premium on corners with big frames and long arms?Pass-catchers like Stanford’s J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, that’s why.A massive playmaker with the size and athleticism to dominate any would-be cover man, Arcega-Whiteside has been a nonstop big-play machine for the Cardinals over the past two seasons. At 6-2, 225 pounds, he’s a tough assignment for any defender, regardless of their size or skill set.Arcega-Whiteside recently spoke exclusively with MCM about his skill set as a receiver, his favorite route to run and which defensive backs presented the toughest match-up for him.JM: I think you have one of the more intriguing skill sets of any receiver in this draft. How do you describe your skill set?JJAW: It’s definitely intriguing. I know what I’m good at and I try to maximize that to my benefit. I definitely have a unique skill set. My coaches always told me that if you ever want to be good at something, be good at something that you can’t teach. Well, I’m really good at running past corners downfield. It’s not something that can be coached up. I’m very thankful to put that on tape and to go out there and do it on a regular basis. At the same time, I don’t wanna be known for just that. I wanna be known as an all-around complete receiver.Arcega-Whiteside got behind corners on a regular basis in 2018.JM: Did you have a lot of formal or informal interviews at the combine?JJAW: Yeah, I had about 15 formal meetings. I pretty much had an informal meeting with every team that I didn’t have a formal with. I was pretty busy down there.JM: Do you have a favorite route to run?JJAW: Anything that’s gonna score a touchdown (laughs). I love running the fade in the end zone. That’s my favorite. In my opinion, it gives you the best chance to score a touchdown as a receiver. Anything that helps the team win games is what I wanna do.Arcega-Whiteside is a cheat code in the red zone. He does a great job using his massive frame as a shield here and does well to keep his focus as he outleaps the defender.JM: Playing at Stanford afforded you the opportunity to play against some of the best competition college football has to offer. Which defensive backs stood out to you as talented guys?JJAW: We played against some fantastic defensive backs. Julian Love from Notre Dame was pretty good. Byron Murphy from Washington was a good one. We have a defensive back on our team who I think has a chance to be one of the top defensive backs next season, Obi Eboh. We pride ourselves off playing good defense and I got to see him perform every weekend.JM: Coach Duane Akina would love to hear that.JJAW: He would tell you the exact same thing. That’s a talented guy right there.JM: You were born in Spain. I don’t know if you’re a soccer fan or not, but I’m gonna ask anyway: Barcelona or Real Madrid?JJAW: Real Madrid 100%. I’m a huge soccer fan.JM: I’m so happy you said that. I might have hung up if you said Barcelona.JJAW: I would have done the same thing (laughs). They have some great players, but I can’t stand the team.Arcega-Whiteside just makes it looks so easy.JM: I’m a little biased. I’m Portuguese. I became a big fan as soon as Cristiano Ronaldo went there.JJAW: Oh really? I’ve always been a Real Madrid fan. I was just two or three years old when I became a fan. My dad is a huge fan but everybody else in my family loves Barcelona. My dad bought me the entire uniform when I was a kid and I still remember wearing that. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I’ll tell you something cool. I got a jersey from them after they won the Champions League last year and it was autographed by every player on the team. I have that hanging up in my room. I’m a hardcore fan. Is Real Madrid your favorite club team?JM: No, but they’re the team I root for in Spain. My favorite team is actually FC Porto.JJAW: Oh man, you guys are doing well this year! I saw that. You’re in the final 8 of Champions League. That’s crazy!JM: I’m quite thrilled. I’ve really appreciated your time tonight. In closing, what kind of impact is J.J. Arcega-Whiteside gonna make at the next level?JJAW: They’re gonna get somebody that puts team goals before individual goals. I just wanna do whatever I can to help the win football games. That’s what I’m here for. That’s why I play this game.Can You Hear Me Womens Taywan Taylor Jersey , Now? Titans Continue to Make Noise With Third Straight Win Credit has been given sparingly to a Tennessee Titans team that continues to defy the odds.It’s not just that they are winning, but it is HOW they are winning and WHO they are defeating. That is the more telling story that is deeper than the hash marks in the win column.The Titans have found their “why”. What is their why? C’mon – we all know the answer to that.For. The. Boys.Division LeadersThe Titans lead the AFC South and have collected two division wins against two teams many felt were at the top of the South.Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY SportsThe Texans were predicted to potentially win the south, or at least secure a wildcard spot because the return of QB Deshaun Watson – who was supposedly going to be in the league MVP race – would take Houston to the promise land. Houston is 1-3.The Jaguars were predicted to make a run to the Super Bowl. Many pegged them as the team to represent the AFC in Atlanta this season. After thwarting Tom Brady and the Patriots, some went ahead and penciled them in the football finale.Jacksonville is 3-1.But wait – let’s look at the Jaguars 3-1 record. They nearly lost the opener to a Giants team we now know isn’t good. They beat an Patriots team in September – a month New England tends to struggle in. Jacksonville beat the New York Jets last week – a team that lost to a Cleveland Browns team that hadn’t won since Christmas Eve of 2016.The Titans defeated the Jaguars – in Jacksonville. Yet, some still have the Jaguars ahead of the Titans.ContextContext, people. Context.The Titans (disastrous) opener in Miami should have derailed this team completely. Losing Delanie Walker, Marcus Mariota and Taylor Lewan in the same game – I mean, that’s a devastating blow to the locker room energy.But – because of the new coaching staff – it wasn’t. The storm was weathered.HC Mike Vrabel and his coaching staff prepared a roster depleted of talent at key spots to face a Watson-led Texans team. The last time Watson had played the Titans, Houston dropped 50 points. The game plan was tailored to the available personnel and the Titans executed it to near perfection. In a game the team had to pull out all the stops – they did just that and it earned them their first division win of the season.Jacksonville was slated to annihilate the Titans especially when Blaine Gabbert was listed to start his second consecutive game. Gabbert, who did a solid job against Houston, was knocked out and Mariota came in and completely took over. The win wasn’t pretty, but an ugly win is better than a pretty loss any day of the week.Next up was the defending Super Bowl Champions – the Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz would start his second game of the season and the Eagles would secure a 17-3 lead deep into the third quarter. Some called ball game. Some let the “same-old-Titans” feelings consume them. However, the coaching staff had the buy in from the players – and the players had the belief in each other – that this team was different. This team was built to overcome. The Tennessean-USA TODAY NETWORKWhat. A. Finish. It took five quarters, a handful of 4th down conversions, a little bit of luck and the confidence to overcome the adversity of the moment – but in the end, the Titans did the impossible. Wins in that fashion tend to do things to the overall psyche of a football team.Trap Game LoomsThe Buffalo Bills – who have a deep-seeded hatred for the Titans because of the Music City Miracle – will be an interesting match up.On paper, the Titans should destroy this team. However, so should Minnesota. Which Bills team will show up in front of their home crowd? The team that dominated the Vikings or the team that was crucified in week one by the Ravens and crushed by Aaron Rodgers and the Pack in week four. The Titans are in a tough spot and Vrabel will spend the time necessary during the week to ensure his team doesn’t go into Buffalo overconfident. If Vrabel is able to refocus the team on the task at hand, the Titans will be in a solid position in the AFC. The Tennessean-USA TODAY NETWORKThe Titans follow their road trip to Buffalo by hosting another contending AFC team in the Baltimore. A win against the Bills is crucial heading into the Baltimore game – a match up that will be littered with it’s own story lines. But that’s two weeks away. The Titans must take care of business in Buffalo.Vrabel will have the boys ready.

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