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      <p>Its the prettiest season! Thats right, the time is right for that hardcore fans who visit this site to exhibit they are able to fare better than some dumb software program and project what players is going to do this year. The projection targets offered for your consideration today are three Kevin Johnson Jersey outfielders facing different sorts of questions going into the next season: the Tigers Austin Jackson, the Dodgers Matt Kemp, and also the Orioles Nick Markakis. </p><p>Detroit center fielder Austin Jackson was the primary piece the Yankees delivered to Detroit as part of the trade that saw fan favorite Curtis Granderson depart Motor City. Jacksons major league debut went well, because he displayed something between good (UZR) and great (DRS) defense while providing more offense (.333 wOBA, .293/.345/.400 with 27 steals) than some expected. A player like Austin with a short major league track-record particularly requires the opinions of informed fans: which defensive figure is closer to his true talent, or are they both off the rails? Was his .396 average on balls in play Lynden Trail Jersey lucky, or is something like that figure repeatable for him given his speed? Will he develop more power, or will he be a speed-and-defense guy? </p><p>In 2009 Matt Kemp appeared as if he had finally be a star, and apparently started dating accordingly. His 2010 was notably have le s awesomene s. He plummeted from his five win 2009 down to some Francoeur-ian 0.4. While a lot of that was he was merely average as a hitter in 2010, the more disturbing statistics were defensive: UZR saw him as moving from average-ish in the past seasons to greater than two wins below average this year, and DRS wasnt a lot more affirmative. Laurence Gibson Jersey Hopefully, we the fans can add some insight onto whether or not Kemps hitting skills have changed in a way that isnt easily detected by stats (the majority of his peripherals stayed basically the same except for his BABIP, that was by far the lowest of his career), and also whether or not he is able to handle center field. Kemp will only be 26 to begin this year’s season.</p><p>Nick Markakis was probably the most valuable outfielders in baseball in 2008, impre sing in most aspects of his game: hitting for Tevita Finau Jersey average, getting on base, above-average power, good range, and a nice arm. He was rewarded having a big, fat contract extension. In the two seasons. Within the two seasons since signing that contract, however, Markakis continues to be just better than average according to FanGraphs WAR. Offensively, his power has taken a dip, as has his walk rate. Both UZR and DRS record his defensive range as Joseph Treadwell Jersey declining relative to average. Markakis isnt the only young (he just turned 27 in November) Oriole to disappoint the final handful of seasons, but he is the main one with the biggest contract indeed, who thought it might be iffy whether or not he would barely be earning the cash at this point? Not me. Im gue sing there are a variety of strong opinions on Markakis out there, so lets see how they’re reflected within the fan balloting.</p><p>Click here to go in your 2011 projections for Austin Jackson, Matt Kemp, and Nick Markakis.</p>

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